Scientific Conference: “Improving the quality of studying at law faculties in Croatia”

Faculty of Law in Rijeka, online
October 26, 2021.

On October 26, 2021, a scientific conference of teachers and students from four law faculties in Croatia entitled “Improving the quality of studying at law faculties in Croatia” was held at the Faculty of Law in Rijeka and through an online platform starting at 10 am.

The conference was organized within the project “Providentia Studiorum Iuris – Improving the quality of study at law faculties in Croatia”, funded by the European Social Fund, whose holder is the Faculty of Law in Rijeka, and partners are the Faculty of Law in Zagreb, Faculty of Law in Split and Faculty of Law in Osijek.

The conference presented the results of research conducted in which more than 30 teachers and students participated, primarily related to the topic of improving higher education at law faculties in the Republic of Croatia and the labor market. The results of these studies were published in October 2021 in the Anthology of co-authored teachers and students, which was presented at the conference.

The collection of papers contains joint scientific and professional papers of teachers and students dealing with the analysis of existing legal education, ways to improve it, strengthening clinical teaching, foreign language teaching, establishing a balance in the study of public and private law, mobility of teachers and students. emphasis on the importance of ethical education for the legal profession.

In addition to the teaching process, topics dedicated to the problems and prospects of student representation, study costs, but also the role of new technological solutions in education and e-business, as well as modern challenges of hiring young lawyers.