Information system ProviS – Testing of Module I: General module and the teaching records module

Faculty of Law Rijeka
February 2021

In order to improv enhancing the quality assurance system, teaching activities and student competence the development of contemporary software solutions, named ProviS, is underway. ProviS is information system which contains 4 modules. Module I: General module and the teaching records module are in the final phase, therefore, in order to test all the functionalities of individual elements, simulations of work in the system has been actively maintained in recent weeks. In addition to the members of the project team, the tests were attended by all end users – teachers, employees of professional services and students with the instructions of programmers in charge of software development (Association of sellers MApro d.o.o. and Metrean d.o.o.). The work in the test environment of the e-session system and the system of diploma theses was assessed as successful, and their use at the Faculty of Law in Rijeka will begin in March 2021.