E-pub book Improving the quality of studying at law faculties in Croatia has been published

We are proud to present the first free e-book Improving the quality of studying at law faculties in Croatia in e-Pub format, published by the Faculty of Law in Rijeka as part of the Providentia Studiorum Iuris project.
Free, verified ebook downloads are sometimes hard to find if you don’t know the right places to go, especially if you’re looking for quality legal literature to research and study. At the same time, if you are an avid reader of e-books before downloading them, it is necessary to use the highest quality e-book formats, one of the best of which is certainly e-Pub.
E-Pub, in addition to PDF, is the most used format in the e-book market, which allows you to read e-books on computers, tablets or mobile phones and which is adapted to all screens anywhere and anytime.
The book Improving the quality of study at law faculties in Croatia is available in e-Pub format, also available in PDF format, and you can browse it in printed form in the PravRi Library.
The e-book is available free of charge on the website of the PravRi repository, via the following links:
Download E-PUB: https://repository.pravri.uniri.hr/islandora/object/pravri%3A2070
Download PDF: https://repository.pravri.uniri.hr/islandora/object/pravri%3A2303
To read the e-Pub format you need a separate application (eg for Windows – Free Ebook reader).
More about other editions of publications published within the project, visit the website of the project Providentia Studiorum Iuris: https://providentia-iuris.eu/publikacije/
Dive into the world of e-books and enjoy reading and learning…