Career Day

Faculty of Law Rijeka
March 7, 2022

On March 7, 2022, co-organized by the Student Union of the Faculty of Law in Rijeka, Elsa and the Faculty of Law in Rijeka, and within the project Providenta Studiorum Iuris, an event called Career Day was held to connect students with the labor market. This event brought together government officials, judges, lawyers, notaries and other members of the legal community who shared with students their experiences and advice for building a legal career.

As part of the Career Day, a round table on the future of the legal profession was held, and workshops were organized on legal research and the writing of final theses, as well as on the development of entrepreneurial skills.

Also, on the Career Day, the Alumni Club of the Faculty of Law in Rijeka – Alumni PravRi was solemnly presented.