Project coordinators working meeting

On Tuesday, January 19, 2021, an online meeting with project coordinators of all four law faculties in Croatia will be held on the topic of application of occupational standards for Senior Associate for the Collection of Public Benefits and Senior Associate for Human Resources. The aim of this meeting is to discuss the drafted proposal […]

A working meeting was held for the General module and the teaching records module

On December  17, 2020, a working meeting was held with representatives of the MAPRO and METREAN communitie to present the progress in the development of Module 1: General module and module of teaching records related to the final refinement of survey, graduation thesis and e-session systems, as well as finalization of teaching records. Also, the […]

Education for work in Module I: Surveys, diploma theses and e-sessions systems

On Friday, December 18, 2020, education  for work in Module I, related to the administration in the program (surveys, diploma theses and e-sessions system) will be held.  Representatives of the MApro and Metrean communities, team that are developing this software solution, will be leading a training.  Education will be held online on the MS Teams […]